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Traditionally, Puppy Linux has used the combination of JWM and Rox Filer Desktop. It persists until this day. Love it or hate it, you can’t argue with the lightness on the system of this combination. It has certainly stood the test of time!

There has been a couple of exceptions to this rule, with some pups offering LXDE or Xfce desktops.


Featuring JWM, RoxFiler, GTK-3 apps, Apt/Synaptic package management, OverlayFS, USRMerge filesystem, Pipewire, ConnMan

Screenshot of BookwormPup64-10.0

Screenshot of BookwormPup32-23.12


Featuring JWM, RoxFiler, Light browser, Abiword, Gnumeric, PMusic, Gnome Mplayer, PTheme

Screenshot of S15Pup64-22.12

Bionicpup64 8.0

Check Puppy Linux 8 in action in this youtube video

Featuring Home Bank financial tracking, PaleMoon Browser and an updated version of Rox File file manager.

Screenshot of Bionicpup64 8.0

Tahrpup 6.0.5

Featuring DeadBeef Music Player, URxvt Terminal (with perl support), PaleMoon Browser and VLC Media Player.

Screenshot of Tahrpup 6.0.5

Slacko 6.3.0

Featuring Gnumeric, Samba Simple Management, YASSM Share Browser, Rox Filer, Welcome screen and Menu.

Screenshot of Slacko 6.3.0

Tahrpup64 6.0.5

Featuring PaleMoon browser, VLC Media Player, Rox Filer and Welcome screen.

Screenshot of Tahrpup64 6.0.5

Slacko64 6.3.0

Featuring Pmusic with Pequaliser, Firefox Browser, Gnome Mplayer and URxvt Terminal.

Screenshot of Slacko64 6.3.0


Puplet builders have the freedom to explore any desktop combination they prefer, with LXDE and XFCE desktop environments having established themselves as popular alternatives over time.


Featuring Abiword Word Processor, Light Browser, Gnome Mplayer, PCManFM File Manager and the LXDE Desktop.

Screenshot of Lx

X-Slacko 3.1

Featuring Firefox Browser, Gnome Mplayer, Thunar File Manager and the XFCE Desktop.

Screenshot of X-Slacko 3.1

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