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Puppy Linux

woof - the Puppy builder

Welcome to Puppy Linux!

A brief History

Puppy Linux was originally developed by Barry Kauler back in 2003. In 2013 Barry retired from development of Puppy Linux to concentrate on other ideas, handing over development and control to the Community. Since the first Community release in 2014, Slacko 5.7, there have been releases of TahrPup 6.0 and subsequent bugfix releases and also a 64 bit version, TahrPup64 6.0.4, as well as Slacko 6.3 and 64 bit Slacko64 6.3.

Latest News

For the latest news on Puppy Linux you can visit the excellent community driven News page.


To get started with Puppy Linux vist the "Getting Started" site. Support for Puppy Linux can be obtained from a variety of sources. The first port of call is the Puppy Linux Discussion Forum. Live support can be obtained on IRC at #puppylinux.

Puppy has an excellent Wiki with a wealth of information about Puppy Linux, how to configure it and the various programs in Puppy Linux.

We hope you enjoy Puppy Linux!